Unitarian Hymnal Sing-along

In which Kathryn attempts to sing a different song everyday from the Unitarian Universalist hymnal, 'Singing the Living Tradition'. Earlier posts are based on songs from the Reader's Digest songbooks she found at yard sales as a child, including: 'Reader's Digest Treasury of Best Loved Songs', 'Reader's Digest Family Songbook', and 'Reader's Digest Family Songbook of Faith and Joy'. Bonus Folk song material from: 'Folk Song USA', by John and Alan Lomax.

30 November 2005

"It Had to Be You"

I like this one. Maybe it’s just for the line about all the faults, but still. . . it had to be you. Ah. Makes me all gooey. A lush song again, as well, full.

Today I'm having trouble escaping from my inner world of angst. I have no big problem with the angst, I know it will pass, but I do have issues with passing it along just because it exists. At the very least I should have something profound to say about it, something that will lift us up into new realms of understanding, comprehension, and dare I say, enlightenment. But instead I'm just tired, having had a rough day, and knowing that tomorrow will be long. I want to sleep in more than almost anything else in the world, and be warm. I'm too brain addled to make any more sense than this.


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