Unitarian Hymnal Sing-along

In which Kathryn attempts to sing a different song everyday from the Unitarian Universalist hymnal, 'Singing the Living Tradition'. Earlier posts are based on songs from the Reader's Digest songbooks she found at yard sales as a child, including: 'Reader's Digest Treasury of Best Loved Songs', 'Reader's Digest Family Songbook', and 'Reader's Digest Family Songbook of Faith and Joy'. Bonus Folk song material from: 'Folk Song USA', by John and Alan Lomax.

01 August 2006

"Bluebird of Happiness"

It's a four page song, it's perky, it has a bird in it, and I always have liked birds. Now the line 'Life is no abyss' [rhymes with 'so remember this'] is problematic, and frankly, it does jerk me out of the song-mood a bit. This wasn't bad, even so. But it wasn't good enough to make me want to keep it. Thank goodness for. . .

The Bonus Folk Songs! Yes, step right up, and receive your bonus folk songs right here! And not just any folk songs: genuine American folk songs! These are too good to try just one! Buckeye Jim! (I learned it first while learning to play guitar, I love the hammer-ons.) All the Pretty Little Horses! (one of my favorite lullabyes to sing to my daughter, heavily influenced by Peter, Paul and Mary) Go Tell Aunt Nancy! (who the heck is Nancy? I go tell Aunt Rhody, myself, about the goose thing. Tragic. Absolutely tragic.) Leatherwing Bat! (I would love to have the PPM chord arrangment for this song. It's very catchy, I really like it.)

Whew. Tires you out, all that folk music. Good to play the guitar, though.

Tomorrow we will have more information, I hope, about the state of our little world here. Today was an okay day, but I know that it's probably just a lull. I am grateful, nonetheless. More information cometh, information with which to build a plan, this is all very good. Good is also accepting that I'm not going to know everything tomorrow, or ever.

I think I'll sleep fine.


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